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The following checklist will help you select the proper design for your rubber part application.

Material Type (Silicone, Natural Rubber, EPDM, etc...):
Hardness or Durometer (Typically between 30 & 80 Shore A):
Dimensional Tolerances: refer to our Design Guide section for industry standard tolerances. SRRP manufactures the majority of our parts based on Class 2 "Precision" tolerances. This may vary with part geometry.
Estimated Annual Usage (critical for determining size of tool to assure most cost effective option):
Which physical properties are important? (SG, tensile strength, elongation %, tear strength, compression set)
What type of environment is it subjected to?
If an extrusion, do you require a secondary operation? (i.e. cutting, packaging, etc...)
Is there a target price range? This is useful in determining the design of part (i.e. extruded, die-cut, molded, etc...)
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